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Why are you here?

School policy is the top priority of Illinois citizens. All the polls show that. Most of what happens in the public schools of your community is decided at the state level, by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor. This is true in spite of the federal government's growing tendency to meddle with our schools.

So you may be here because you have some questions about that. Where are our policymakers taking school policy? Why are they going there? How effective are their decisions? What does it mean for our children and their future? Is learning some kind of a contest? Who is winning?

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Early Retirement: We identified this as an issue that would give ammunition to those who would argue that educators should pay for pension "reform."

Eliminate P.E.?: Our 2013 contract writer Naarah Patton was first in the state to tell SSNS readers about a bill to abolish the state requirement that all students must take physical educatio classes.

Schools Unsafe?: Naarah also was first to point out that Illinois schools are not unsafe, that post-Sandy Hook fears are unfounded and should not be used as an excuse for more state mandates.

Advice Ignored: Did legislators follow our advice not to precipitously file bills in the wake of Sandy Hook? Of course note, and now look at the find mess they made at the Capitol.

Minors Vulnerable: Just being accused of a felony is all it takes to send a youth into the cruel and uncertain world of the adult "criminal justice" system.

Tax Increase: We told readers in May of 2010 why Speaker Michael Madigan could not let a tax hike vote happen then, and we correctly predicted  a vote in January of 2011.

Education Reform: This documented item - showing  how trends in education policy have run backwards, counter to clear implications emerging from the 'cognitive revolution' since the 1980s - evoked a huge reader response.

Fiscal Recovery: We continually document evidence that Illinois' flawed revenue system has blocked the state's recovery from the 'Great Recession.'

Legislative Mysteries: One of our goals is to demystify how our policymakers enact laws. This is not always easy. The legislators keep coming up with new ways to obfuscate the process.

Off-Books Spending: While state spending is usually thought of as done by appropriations - a statute you can read - our readers saw how Illinois spends $6.6 billion off the books.

The 'Promise' Difference: An inspiring story showed the miraculous effects of a promise to believe in, even as the state broke a promise to aspiring college students.

Jim Broadway has watched the Illinois policymakers for 30 years. His writing is informative and entertaining. You will learn what's on the horizon for schools. You will find the legislative process - as illustrated by education policy debates - informative as well. School Policy Updates are a great tool for civic knowledge and engagement.

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